Missing My Christmas Mistake Fare From Last Year

Happy Christmas to all.

This holiday seems dull compared to the airfare frenzy that we were experiencing on this day last year. Today is the anniversary of the great Etihad Christmas 2014 Mistake Fare. $187 round trip from the US to Abu Dhabi. Or go to South Africa for about $250.

So far nothing similar. Perhaps in 2016.

For those of you who have no experience with mistake fares… they are like a crazy black Friday frenzy. When you hear about one, you need to book first and ask questions later. You can almost always cancel for no cost within 24 hours.

I’ve booked mistake fares twice in my life. First was thanks to a travel alert from Travelzoo. I flew from Tallahasse to Madrid round trip for $234 on Delta. You usually can’t fly one way to Atlanta for $234. I promptly booked. By the time some friends thought about it (too much) it was gone.

Then I jumped on the Etihad mistake fare last Christmas. In the end, because of a number of changes to the routing (outlined in a previous post), I canceled and got my money back. But it was a crazy fun day bookiing that trip. And it was the start to an amazing journey. I made it to Abu Dhabi, as part of a round the world trip that included fabulous first class flights.

Do you like the idea of a crazy low cost adventure? One of the best places to get alerts for those rare mistake fares is flightdeal.com Better yet, signup for their twitter feed. Then, if you hear of a deal… act FAST. And don’t call the airline.

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